Which material is better for zipper carton?

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I don’t know much about cartons. Which material is better to make cartons.

the quality of the carton is determined by the material of the corrugated board made into the carton. The common cardboard materials on the market are as follows,
2. Cardboard material
k paper: 250G /m * m a paper: 175 /m * m B paper: 125g /m * m (the three kinds are generally imported paper) 7 paper: 200g /m * m 8 paper: 260g /m * M C paper: 127g /m * m (Taiwan paper) core paper: basic 100g /m * m reinforced core paper: + 115g /m * m
2. Cardboard structure
1 Paperboard structure refers to the proportion combination number of paperboard. Generally, the proportion is made according to the customer’s requirements, from K Ⅲ K and K Ⅲ a on the fifth floor to C Ⅱ on the third floor. 2. Pit (wave) refers to the hole on the cross section of the paperboard Common waves are wave a, wave B, wave C, wave D and wave E. The Mainland generally uses wave B, wave C and wave E. 3. Wave height: a wave = 5mm, b wave = 3mm, C wave = 4mm, d wave = 2mm, e wave = 1.5mm, five layer paper and two waves are composed of BC pit, and single layer paper generally uses pit B
you can refer to these two points when selecting zipper carton

according to different materials, there are corrugated boxes, single-layer cardboard boxes, etc., with various specifications and models. According to the demand of commodity packaging, corrugated board can be processed into single-sided corrugated board, three-layer corrugated board, five layer, seven layer and eleven layer corrugated board. Three or five layers are commonly used, and seven layers are rarely used. Among the zipper cartons I have used, Songji cartons are well done

the paper imported from Russia has the best bursting resistance Then K paper, and then a, B, C, 3. The more the material in the back row, the worse the burst resistance

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