About the experiment of photoelectric sensor in packaging machinery]

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at present, the commonly used infrared photoelectric switch uses the reflection principle of the object to the near-infrared beam, and the synchronous circuit senses the strength of the reflected light to detect the existence of the object. At present, the photoelectric sensor first sends the infrared beam to or through the object, the object or mirror reflects the infrared beam, and the photoelectric sensor receives the reflected beam, Judge the existence of an object according to the intensity of the light beam. There are many kinds of infrared photoelectric switches, including mirror reflection photoelectric switch, diffuse reflection type, slot type, opposite reflection type, optical fiber type, etc. Different photoelectric switches are used in different occasions. For example, optical fiber photoelectric switches are often used on electromagnetic vibration feeders, diffuse reflection photoelectric switches are often used in the supply of packaging film of intermittent packaging machines, and slot photoelectric switches are often used in continuous high-speed packaging machines. In addition to correctly selecting the variety and model of photoelectric switch, the factors of manufacturer should also be considered. At present, there are many manufacturers of photoelectric switches in China. The scale of enterprises varies greatly. Of course, the quality varies greatly, but it does not mean that the product quality of large enterprises is good. We have used the products of a large enterprise and suffered a lot of losses. Generally speaking, direct purchase from enterprises has a great grasp of quality. Now, in order to expand market share, some enterprises have different prices for products of the same model, and the quality of their internal components varies greatly. Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to clarify the guarantee of service life, and generally it is more cost-effective to buy more expensive products. Photoelectric switches were first introduced from abroad, and the advantages of foreign brands make foreign goods occupy most of the market. At present, the quality of foreign brands is still higher, but domestic brands are catching up. Some enterprises hope to use foreign brands, but they are often troubled by fake and shoddy products. Therefore, it is recommended not to buy products with brand advantages at the counter. It is convenient to contact now. You can contact the brand manufacturer or office directly to avoid taking advantage of fake brands.

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