Automatic bronzing machine — make-up. Plate loading. Install anodized aluminum. Introduction to pressure and other operation processes, and other precautions. Is there a master to teach?

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here is the operation video:
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operation demonstration of dl7402 automatic bronzing and code stamping machine

the automatic bronzing machine bronzes the relevant software first, and then spell out the large version, which is suitable for the printing range of packaging and labels. This workflow simplifies the modification of the final document. If a typographical error is found in a certain device, you only need to correct the error and then re bronze the device to replace the original error, which is much easier than re bronzing the whole large version

this is a typical “make up before bronzing” software, which is compatible with many professional software for color separation, typesetting and trapping. This software provides a set of sample display of how to drop the plate, so that users can choose according to the type and size of paper, monochrome or multicolor printing, lithography or rotary machine. Each sample contains cutting marks and crosshairs, as well as a set of different color guide tables

when using the automatic bronzing machine, you can first execute an “origami” software to simulate the actual sample of paper folding after printing and tell the user the configuration mode of each device position on each paper, which is very helpful for beginners. In addition, imposrip software has a very good function, which will replace the wrong device with a blank page on the large version device; If a device makes an error during bronzing, the software will automatically generate a blank page and replace it with the original wrong device. In this way, the bronzing can not only complete the output operation as usual, but also avoid the crash of the automatic bronzing machine due to the processing of wrong pages. After the bronzing is completed, the user can correct the equipment, redo the bronzing output, and then manually put it into the original large version, saving a lot of time

many newcomers who first came into contact with the automatic bronzing machine or have just come into contact with it are not familiar with its operation, especially the operation of shortcut keys. Next, we recommend a common method of drawing the side line for friends who have just learned the automatic bronzing machine, which is very practical

1. Select the tool drawn by the automatic bronzing machine, press Ctrl, draw the straight line hair vertically on the upper left side of the page, and change the size to 3mm
2. Ctrl + a alignment and distribution, D, t, l; Note: in the version above 9 of automatic bronzing machine, it is Alt + A + s to open the menu
3. Change the x-axis to 3, and tap the number keyboard + the rightmost part of the keyboard to copy a line
4. Change the x-axis to 6 and group the two line segments
5. Press the + key again to copy and rotate it to 90 degrees; Reduce the x-axis and Y-axis of the automatic bronzing machine by 3 respectively, and a group of sidelines has been completed. Then group this group of sidelines and press the + key to copy, and then mirror horizontally
6. Ctrl + A, D, R. t is not needed at this time. Its graph moves horizontally
7. Select all the opposite lines of the two groups, and press + to copy the vertical mirror image
8. Ctrl + A, D, B to finish the edge alignment
9. Finally, don’t forget to add the color code of CMYK on the automatic bronzing machine

friends who often use the English version of the automatic bronzing machine must have encountered this situation: in the same paragraph of font, there are “address: Telephone: zip code:” and other contents, which require the alignment of the upper and lower initials and colons. The same font size, the same font, and the same number of fonts are not aligned. One space is not enough. Two spaces are more There is no choice but to adjust the character spacing. It can be handled temporarily, but once the content is rotated, the old problem is committed again

the English version of automatic bronzing machine is always made by foreigners. When it is used to arrange Chinese fonts, it is found that it is not so easy to use. In contrast, Weisi and Feiteng do much better. (most experts usually choose to use Ctrl + Shift + m or tab to edit. If they can’t, they will split it into n font blocks and align it manually.)

put a pixel map in different options such as non aligned pages, top right and bottom right of the page edge, which accounts for about one third of the size of our page. It is required to be placed in the middle of the page. If you use the modern new automatic bronzing machine Ctrl + A, you can finish it in 1 second, but now it is in the English version of the automatic bronzing machine, what should you do? Let’s do it honestly: subtract the pixel size from the layout center size, divide it by 2, and then pull a corresponding reference line out. Finally, it can be aligned. Generally, draw a character block with the length flush with the layout center. Put the pixel map into the font block of the English automatic bronzing machine, and then select the center
plate loading:
when we originally installed the bronzing plate, we first installed the bronzing plate on the machine, and then pasted a piece of coated paper on the bottom plate with adhesive tape, and adjusted the pressure until the carbon paper is pressed out. Then press the imprint for local pad printing, and then paste some pads with moderate hardness for trial printing. With this plate loading method, the carbon paper completely depends on the pressure to press out the imprint. The imprint is not clear, and the bottom plate is a very hard steel plate. If the pressure is slightly too large, it is easy to cause the deformation of the bronzing plate and affect the hot stamping effect. Therefore, we made the following improvements: after fixing the bronzing plate, we lined a white cardboard under the coated paper pasted on the bottom plate, then installed anodized aluminum, heated it, and directly hot printed the imprint on the coated paper on the bottom plate

use electrochemical aluminum instead of carbon paper to print the imprint, with less pressure. In addition, a white cardboard is added under the coated paper, so that the bronzing plate will not deform during plate loading, and the imprint is clearer than that of carbon paper, which is conducive to local plate padding

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