Automatic tire packing machine

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Tire automatic packaging machine

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equipment name: automatic tire packing machine
equipment model: CLL
1 Adopt PLC computer program automatic control
2. The rotating ring is reset accurately to ensure the automatic ejection of the tire
3. With frequency conversion and speed regulation function
4. Surrounding labeling device to display brand image
5. It can be equipped with touch human-machine interface display screen to display working status or fault content
6. It can be equipped with automatic belt loading and cutting function
7. After inputting parameters, the packaging can be set automatically
8. Optional pit type, double station and multi station type;

H series vertical ring winding packaging machine is a novel winding packaging machine specially designed and manufactured for metal ring items such as steel belt (such as bearing, tire, steel belt, steel wire, steel ring, aluminum belt, etc.). Its advantage is that it completely replaces manual winding packaging, with fast packaging speed and convenient operation, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of workers. The packing effect is neat. It can be packed with multi-layer packaging paper, which can prevent dust, moisture and protect the product surface
control system:
◇ OMRON PLC programmable control is adopted
◇ touch human-machine interface display screen: as long as the outer diameter, inner diameter and width of the steel strip are input randomly, the microcomputer system will automatically set the winding packaging length and number of turns
◇ easy to operate, random display of automatic working status, with the function of displaying fault content in Chinese
◇ after packaging, the rotating ring will be positioned automatically
◇ the trailing roller and guard roller in contact with the surface of the steel strip are treated with polyurethane coating
◇ the packaging ring adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the overlap of winding tape can be adjusted according to the packaging requirements
◇ with labeling function, the package is stronger, the company brand can be printed, and beware of counterfeiting
◇ according to the characteristics of users’ products, we professionally design ring packaging machines of various specifications

performance and parameters

steel coil width: 10-300mm
steel coil outer diameter: 500-1000mm
steel coil inner diameter: 300-500mm
packaging material /width: composite paper tape /70-90mm
packaging material coil outer diameter (max): 500mm
packaging speed (min): 3185mm
idler height (max): 435mm
idler bearing (max): 2000kg
total power kW /voltage: 4kw /AC380V /50Hz
machine outer dimension: 1750 × one thousand and two hundred × 1500mm
machine weight: 980kg
Jinan Tianheng machine, manager Wang

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