Can beef balls be vacuum packed and sent by express delivery? Will it taste bad one day

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vacuum packaging will be much better, but it is still recommended that you send an ice bag in the foam box when you send the express. When you buy fresh food on the Internet, the shipment is packed so that the storage time can be longer and the risk of deterioration is much lower. After all, the weather is hot now, and it is still possible to have problems with normal temperature transportation.

it depends on whether the beef balls you mentioned are made of pure beef or the common finished products like fish balls and pee beef balls in the market
if it’s the first one, I can’t. I’ve tried to put a piece of beef at room temperature of about 30 degrees and finish it in half a day. If it’s vacuum, it’s likely to break down. Express delivery is not recommended
if it’s the second kind, it’s OK. I once bought pee beef balls that are not vacuum packed and put them all day. Due to the hot weather, the taste of beef balls exudes, but it doesn’t change. Vacuum packaging is safer, but it’s better not to take too long.

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