Can the carton of drinks be recycled?

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Such as title

beverage cartons cannot be recycled

juice boxes and other coated beverage cartons are not recycled because of chemical coating, complex treatment and low feasibility. But at present, many manufacturers begin to produce recyclable cartons

napkins, paper towels and wet paper are not recyclable. Napkins and paper towels may have absorbed and contain other substances, and there are too many residues. The wet towel fiber may be damaged and there is a risk of secondary pollution. Generally, they are composted rather than recycled paper products

shredded paper cannot be recycled. Although most ordinary paper can be recycled, if the paper is shredded, it is difficult for the recycling center to determine the paper type and generally does not reuse it

extended data:

beverage packaging should not harm the earth. A waste free world can be realized. Coca Cola will achieve the goal of sustainable packaging with the help of global partners, including Alan MacArthur Foundation, Marine Conservation Association and WWF. We will also work with relevant government departments, local communities and business partners in various countries and regions to act together with consumers

COFCO Coca Cola Huazhong Beverage Co., Ltd., based locally, has carried out various sustainable development activities in Hunan and Guizhou for many years. In the future, it will adhere to Coca Cola’s global sustainable packaging strategy and create a waste free world

reference source: People’s Network – these 13 kinds of garbage should not be recycled

People’s Network – Coca Cola is committed to achieving 100% equal recycling of beverage packaging by 2030

of course
I’m sure you have drunk many brands of milk, fruit juice and tea, such as Mengniu, Yili, Guangming and Tongyi, but do you know that the packaging cartons used for these products are recyclable and valuable resources? Take Tetra Pak beverage carton as an example. After consumers use Tetra Pak, about 600 kg of pulp and 200 kg of aluminum-plastic raw materials can be recycled per ton. Through recycling, it can be made into recycled paper, stationery, trays, desks and chairs, garbage cans and other supplies
at present, the recycling of such packaging mainly depends on the centralized collection of environmental sanitation system and community cleaners. However, due to the little known recycling value, most of the used beverage cartons have not been well recycled, which virtually wastes a lot of useful resources. In the recycling process of waste packaging, the most difficult problem to solve is the problem of pollution and sanitation. Therefore, when drinking milk and drinks, remember to drink it up or empty it, otherwise the residual liquid will deteriorate; Residents mix all kinds of waste packaging with kitchen waste at home, which will also affect the recycling quality. It is recommended that you rinse the finished packaging water slightly, then lift the four corners and flatten them. It is best to put them in the recyclable dustbin, or at least discard them separately, so as to facilitate the sanitation personnel to pick them up

let’s all act together to create a better tomorrow with more economical resources, more beautiful environment and more harmonious society.

Yes, if it is packaged with Tetra Pak pillow, it is the carton of Mengniu Yili milk, which can be completely recycled! Those cartons are of very good quality. There are many layers! I often put the peeled apple in it and seal the mouth. The next day the apple won’t turn yellow! And bananas too! If you go camping, it’s good to preserve the fruit!

I’ve seen people pick up that kind of box and say it can be sold for money. It should be recyclable.

Yes, the carton of drinks is also made of pulp,

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