Causes of liquid leakage in automatic decocting machine

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the following problems may occur when using the automatic decocting machine. Just follow the steps below. Of course, we should also pay attention to cleaning the machine when using it, so as to reduce the occurrence of faults
fault 1: the packaging bags of the automatic medicine decocting machine are bonded and misaligned on the left and right
maintenance skills:
1. Remove the dirt on the upper roller shaft
2. Check whether the bag roll is correct and whether the left and right installation is balanced
fault 2: Traditional Chinese medicine can’t be fried thoroughly all the time
maintenance skill: reset the heating time of “martial fire”
fault 3: the filling and discharging port of the automatic medicine decocting machine leaks medicine solution
maintenance skills: generally, the solenoid valve is not tightly closed. Open the rear box plate to clean the rubber film of the solenoid valve
fault 4: the filling switching value of the automatic decocting machine is seriously insufficient
maintenance skills: generally, there is air in the filling pipe. Use scissors to cut the opening of the bag under the packaging machine head, clean it with clean water, discharge the air, and finally clean all foreign matters in the filling pipe
fault 5: the packing belt of the automatic decocting machine is not tightly bonded
maintenance skills:
1. Adjust the heat sealing temperature of the upper roller to 160 ~ 165 ℃
2. The pressing tension of the upper shaft can be increased appropriately, and the set screw can be tightened. Slowly screw 0.5 ~ 1 circle to the right
3. Clean up the sundries stuck on the upper pressure shaft. The sundries are generally caused by the unbalanced bonding pressure due to the excessive temperature and the softening of the packaging bag after heating
fault 6: the cutting effect of the automatic medicine decocting machine is not good, sometimes cutting continuously
maintenance skill: properly adjust the knife holder shaft, tighten the screw at the cutting end, increase the pressure, and slowly screw it to the right for 0.3 ~ 0.5 turns.

the locking method of the upper cover of the traditional Chinese medicine decocting machine is locking and pressing, with less air leakage. The leakage is generally caused by non fastening or unbalanced fastening. The problem can be solved by retightening the handle or fastening the diagonal respectively. 2. The sealing ring under the soup cover is aged or damaged, and the sealing ring should be replaced. After aging, the sealing ring will leak directly during the boiling process because it cannot be completely sealed. At this time, we should check whether the sealing ring is aged or damaged.

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