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due to the rapid development of ready mixed mortar, many enterprises are involved in the equipment manufacturing business, including production equipment, logistics equipment, storage equipment and construction equipment. However, they often have indigestion and can not form fist products. Finally, they rely on the low price strategy to survive and lose the space for development and growth. Huaxing Machinery could have been involved in all links and blossomed in an all-round way, but as the helmsman of Huaxing Machinery, chairman Wang has always adhered to the positioning of “single-minded”, that is, “professional talents can be refined, fine can be good, and good can be long”. Under the guidance of his business philosophy, Huaxing Machinery has become one of the earliest professional companies in China to design and manufacture dry mixed mortar production equipment and factories, and introduced specialized and refined mixing technology into the field of dry mixed mortar production. In order to ensure the professional positioning, Huaxing has continuously strengthened the follow-up of advanced technology, set up research institutions in some colleges and universities, hired technical talents from colleges and universities, introduced, digested and absorbed foreign advanced manufacturing technology, and made major breakthroughs in material vibration screening, precision mixing, accurate measurement, combustion and drying mechanism, electronic intelligent control technology and packaging technology. In terms of mixing technology, it has obtained a number of national patents. Bhlw dry powder (mixed) mortar packaging machine is a rotary packaging product specially designed and developed by our company for large dry powder mortar production line, and has obtained the national patent (Patent No. zl2008 2 0224562.4). It is the only manufacturer of large dry powder mortar packaging machine at home and abroad

the success of Huaxing Machinery will not only shock its peers, but also bring more enlightenment, including the growing ready mixed mortar manufacturer. It has been one year since the “cash ban” document of mortar was issued, and 127 cities are systematically and actively promoting ready mixed mortar. This is a systematic project. We need more enterprises such as Anqiu Huaxing, and more leading enterprises in logistics and construction equipment, additives and even putty, tile glue, self leveling, waterproof, decorative mortar and other products. In this way, China’s ready mixed mortar industry can grow better and faster and meet the needs of national building energy conservation and emission reduction, Create a better tomorrow for the industry.

Huaxing Machinery, a leading enterprise in China’s cement packaging machine!


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