Classification of automatic quantitative packaging scales

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1. Bucket free automatic quantitative packaging scale
bucket free automatic quantitative packaging scale is also known as gross weight scale and auger scale. Its weighing and quantitative control process is relatively simple. The packaged items are directly loaded into containers or packaging bags for weighing, and the quantitative control process is achieved by controlling the opening size of the discharge door. The fixed value filling of liquid mostly adopts this form
features: simple structure and high precision
select a weighing module to form a scale body with the scale platform, or directly select a platform scale, and then connect a weighing instrument and some simple control buttons to form a gross weight quantitative control equipment
2. Bucket automatic quantitative packaging scale
bucket automatic quantitative packaging scale is also known as net weight scale. Its control process is to complete the quantitative discharge process through an intermediate metering bucket. At the beginning, the discharge door of the metering bucket is closed, and the upper feeding port is opened for constant value feeding. When the target value is reached, the feeding port is closed, and the discharge port is opened to feed materials into containers or packages, Then enter the next control cycle
in order to improve work efficiency, various feeding speeds can be adopted, generally double speed, i.e. fast speed and slow speed. The high-speed fixed value control of double scale rotation can also be adopted
features: integrated structure, high precision and fast speed. This structure is mostly used by special weighing control equipment
the net weight quantitative control system can be formed by using cooperative weighing sensors or weighing modules, weighing instruments and operation buttons

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