Common faults and troubleshooting of single chamber vacuum packaging machine

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1. No evacuation or low vacuum degree
A) reverse the vacuum pump, check whether the rotation direction of the vacuum pump is consistent with the motor arrow of the pump, and adjust the corresponding
b) when the new machine is used, the sealing ring of the upper cover may coincide with the plane end of the lower chamber, so it is necessary to apply light pressure on the cover to make the cover coincide with and seal with the lower chamber
C) if the travel switch is not in place, adjust the position of the limit piece of the travel switch
d) the time relay is out of control and should be replaced
e) if the vent valve is not closed tightly and leaks, check the vent solenoid valve and valve core (rubber). Whether there is wear, contamination or spool center deviation
F) check whether all parts of the phase pipeline are leaking or loose
2. Poor heat sealing quality
A) check whether the mouth of the packaging bag is clean and avoid contamination at the seal
b) check whether the nickel chromium belt works normally and whether there is short circuit and open circuit
C) whether the heat sealing temperature and time are properly selected
d) check whether the airbag under hot pressing has leakage
e) the heat sealing solenoid valve does not work normally
3. Do not deflate
A) the time relay is out of control, and the contact is poor or damaged
b) if there is no power supply, check the power supply circuit
C) check whether the bleeder solenoid valve works normally

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