Cutting mechanism of carton packaging machine

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carton packing machine is generally composed of unpacking machine, sealing machine, packing machine, packer, stacking or carton film thermal shrinkage. According to the different packaging modes of goods, the equipment is also different. The problems of the unpacking machine often appear in the way that the suction cup sucks the carton, the insufficient strength of the suction box, the insufficient strength of the folding side bottom cover, and so on. The problems of the sealing machine often occur in the damage of the front end of the box, the loose adhesive tape at the rear end of the box, etc. The packer can’t be tightened and can’t run automatically. Carton film packaging is another set of equipment system, fully closed, semi closed, laminated film fully closed, etc. Qingdao Youchuang Packaging Co., Ltd

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