Difference between cleaning machine and ultrasonic cleaning machine

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ultrasonic cleaning: the direct and indirect effects of ultrasonic cavitation, acceleration and direct inflow on liquid and dirt are used to disperse, emulsify and peel the dirt layer to achieve the purpose of cleaning. At present, cavitation and direct flow are more widely used in ultrasonic cleaning machines

plasma cleaning: use plasma to achieve the effect that cannot be achieved by conventional cleaning methods. Plasma is a state of matter, also known as the fourth state of matter, which does not belong to the common three states of solid, liquid and gas. When enough energy is applied to the gas to ionize it, it becomes a plasma state. The “active” components of plasma include ions, electrons, atoms, active groups, excited Nuclides (metastable), photons, etc. Plasma cleaning machine is to use the properties of these active components to treat the sample surface, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning and coating, improve the surface adhesion of products, and be conducive to the bonding, spraying, printing and sealing of products

the application and principle of the two are completely different, and the cleaning effect is also different. Ultrasonic cleaning mainly improves the cleanliness of the product surface, while dynete plasma cleaning mainly improves the adhesion of the product surface, which cannot be replaced by each other

ultrasonic cleaning machine is a cleaning artifact with the widest range of use, good cleaning effect and no damage to workpieces among all cleaning equipment.

cleaning machine is a large category, including high-pressure cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, spray cleaning machine, etc. ultrasonic cleaning machine is only a small category. Because ultrasonic cleaning machine uses the cavitation effect of ultrasonic in liquid to achieve the purpose of cleaning without damaging workpieces and cleaning thoroughly, it is superior to ultrasonic cleaning machine in many fields.

cleaning machine is a general term, and ultrasonic cleaning machine is a subdivided cleaning technology field, which is the difference between the two
at present, many industries are choosing to use ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning, because it can achieve all-round cleaning, high cleaning efficiency and effectively save enterprise costs, so many enterprises are choosing this cleaning method.

Qitian Co., Ltd. plasma cleaning machine uses plasma to treat the material surface. Strictly speaking, it can not be said to be a cleaning process, which is to modify the material surface.

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