Do you have any “management regulations” and “measures” on the date mark on the food package.

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the three highlights of the regulations on the administration of food labeling

food is food. There are words on the package to treat diseases such as “resolving phlegm and relieving cough”, “clearing heat and removing fire”, which will not only be taken off the shelf, but also be punished
from September 1, the provisions on the administration of food labeling issued by the AQSIQ began to be implemented, focusing on the treatment of labeling violations such as food production date and product introduction
[highlight 1]
forging the shelf life
can be fined up to 10000 yuan
on the 20th, a reporter from the business daily saw in a supermarket on Zijingshan Road, Zhengzhou that many bulk foods, whether individually packaged in small or large packages, could not find detailed information such as production date on the food label
this phenomenon is not allowed to happen again next month. According to the requirements of the new regulations, the food label shall indicate the food name, place of origin, the name and address of the producer, the production date and shelf life of the food, net content, list of ingredients, quality grade and QS mark
the food label shall clearly indicate the production date and shelf life of the food. If the shelf life of food is related to storage conditions, the specific storage conditions of food shall be marked. Forgery or false marking may be subject to a fine of not less than 500 yuan but not more than 10000 yuan
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food packaging label
can’t have words to treat diseases
on some supermarket shelves, health food with the nominal of “clearing heat and removing fire” and “improving memory” are common
the new regulations clearly stipulate that food is not allowed to introduce its medicinal function on the package. Food is food. The contents that shall not be marked on the package include: it shall not express or imply that it has the function of preventing and treating diseases, and it shall not describe or introduce food in a deceptive or misleading way
this means that after September 1, the words “resolving phlegm and relieving cough”, “clearing heat and removing fire” and “improving memory” on the label of food are illegal
the new regulations also require that genetically modified foods or those containing legal genetically modified raw materials must be labeled in Chinese. In addition, foods that have been treated with ionizing radiation or ionizing energy that are clinically proved to be easy to cause harm to special groups must also be marked
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the food is “very nutritious”
the specific content should be stated clearly
“calcium biscuits can supplement the calcium content for children”, “this milk drink can supplement vitamins for children who often drink it.” Yesterday, in a supermarket near Renmin Road, Zhengzhou, Ms. Ren, who went shopping with her children, seemed at a loss in the face of the introduction of various food promoters
in some large supermarkets, it is not difficult for consumers to find that the food sold is increasingly becoming fortified food containing vitamins such as fortified a, B and C, or fortified food containing minerals such as iron and calcium, involving milk, biscuits, bread, salt, etc
on September 1, if the food introduction again contains words such as “nutrition” and “fortification”, the nutrients and calories shall be marked according to the national standards, and the quantitative marking specified in the national standards shall be met. From next month, when consumers buy this kind of food, they must see whether there is a corresponding logo.

China’s (Food Hygiene Law) stipulates:
the product name, place of origin, factory name, production date, batch number or code, specification, formula or main ingredients, shelf life, consumption or use method, etc. must be marked on the package identification or product manual according to different products

the product instructions of food and food additives shall not contain exaggerated or false publicity content
food packaging labels must be clear and easy to identify
food sold in the domestic market must have Chinese logo. The products and instructions of foods indicating specific health functions must be submitted to the administrative department of health under the State Council for examination and approval. The hygienic standards and production and operation management measures shall be formulated by the administrative department of health under the State Council. The food indicating that it has specific health care function shall not be harmful to human health. The product manual must be true, and the function and composition of the product must be consistent with the manual, and there shall be no falsehood.


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