Find a packaging factory to produce rice woven bags to sell rice

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don’t take the “side door”. That’s not a long-term way. Not to mention the problems of Wuchang rice flavoring and genetically modified rice, which have been strictly investigated in the market…. Even if your package is printed, no dealer dares to sell it
let me give you a suggestion. You can find a regular rice processing enterprise in the local area. You can talk to him or find some relationship with him. You only use the QS and other enterprise information of his home, and the rest use your own brand, contact information and self processing. Of course, this requires a certain amount of human kindness. Regular manufacturers must consider whether you can guarantee the quality, because if there is a quality problem, the relevant departments will directly seal up others
> if there are no formal printing procedures for food enterprises, they don’t dare to print them now.

if your acquaintance runs a regular rice processing factory, you can find a regular printing factory to print rice woven bags, labels, etc. It is necessary to provide the printing factory with a copy of business license, a copy of registered trademark and a power of attorney for printing. If you don’t have these, you can only find an underground printing factory to print or a place to wholesale rice bags. Wenzhou has such underground factories.

a little dangerous But the price is high Maybe someone will do it

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