Find the anti-counterfeiting principle and technology of common (a specific) anti-counterfeiting packaging

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the national 315 product anti-counterfeiting inquiry center
generates encrypted two-dimensional code information for the product through the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting system, prints or labels the two-dimensional code on the product package, and users can know all data security information of the product, such as production date, production address Product information, and then achieve the effect of allowing consumers to purchase and supervise the crackdown on counterfeiting

What are the advantages of anti-counterfeiting labels

1. It can store a lot of data information

2. Strong error correction ability

3. Wide coding scale. All information such as pictures, sounds, words, signatures, websites and can be stored digitally

4. High decoding reliability

5. It is convenient for consumers to query. Consumers only need to scan the QR code on the product to query the authenticity of the product

6. Useful communication. Consumers can check product information and interact with enterprises in time to improve their trust in the brand

7. Crack down on counterfeiting. The way of encrypting QR code increases the counterfeiter’s counterfeiting cost and promotes that counterfeiting is unprofitable.

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