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Ask, can the production address on the food packaging bag be abbreviated?

it must be indicated according to the “general standard for labels of prepackaged food” or the national “provisions on the administration of food labeling” (Order No. 102 of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine)
. Never abbreviate. Write whatever the registered address is
5.1.5 name and address of manufacturer and distributor the name and address of the manufacturer, packaging or distribution unit of food shall be marked according to law. Under any of the following circumstances, it shall be marked according to the following provisions group companies and branches (subsidiaries) of group companies that independently assume legal responsibility according to law shall indicate their respective names and addresses for a branch (subsidiary) or production base of a group company that cannot bear legal liability independently according to law, the name and address of the group company and the branch (production base) can be marked, or only the name and address of the group company can be marked if you are entrusted by other units to process prepackaged food but do not undertake external sales, you should mark the name and address of the entrusting unit imported prepackaged food shall be marked with the country name or regional name of the country of origin (referring to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), as well as the name and address of agents, importers or distributors registered in China according to law.


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