How about Hongxing printing (China) Co., Ltd?

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Introduction: Hongxing Printing Group Co., Ltd., with a history of more than 50 years, is a company listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong. In 2001, it was again selected as one of the world’s * * * 200 small and medium-sized enterprises by Forbes financial magazine. Its packaging and printing, carton production and children’s toy book manufacturing are well-known all over the world
Hongxing printing (China) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Hongxing Printing Group Co., Ltd. More than 150000 tons of color printed toys and books are produced in China, Europe and even the world. The company has a plant area of more than 200000 square meters and more than 8000 employees. It has more than 20 color printing machines of the world’s advanced level, CTP digital plate making system, 2.8m wide corrugated paper production line, high-precision ink multi-color printing box production line and other hundreds of production equipment. From design to production, it is controlled and managed by computerization to ensure product accuracy and production efficiency. In 1997, it was awarded ISO9001 by international certification body DNV; 2000 certificate. Adhering to the business philosophy of preferential price, quality assurance and thoughtful service, the company provides competitive high-quality products for our customers
legal representative: Song Zhiyi
date of establishment: December 3, 1992
registered capital: HK $566 million
region: Guangdong Province
unified social credit Code:
business status: existing (operating, opening, registered)
industry: manufacturing
Company type: limited liability company (wholly owned by foreign legal person)
English Name: Hung Hing printing (China) Co, Ltd.
staff size: 5000-9999
Enterprise address: Huaide industrial village, Fuyong street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen
business scope: no ^ production and operation of paper color printing materials and cartons, 80% of products are exported and 20% are sold domestically; Production and operation of toys, hardware products, children’s stationery and daily necessities, import and export of goods and technology. (none of the above items are related to the Special Administrative Measures for foreign investment access, and the restricted items can be operated only after obtaining permission)

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