How about the treatment of Shanghai entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau?

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1. A civil servant; 2. The business of the Bureau ranks first in the inspection and quarantine system, so the treatment is good
whether it’s good or not depends on how much you expect
if you have a way, this unit is really ordinary. It’s medium in the mechanism. If you have no way and don’t have high requirements for employment, this unit is still good. Wait until you can pass the exam
over the years, many talents have been recruited in commodity inspection, not through relationships. The competition is very fierce, and it is common to choose one in a hundred. However, it seems inevitable and necessary to get involved with some people through relationships. After all, each unit needs the help of brother units

be more specific. The annual salary is no less than 100000. That’s the order of magnitude.

1. Belong to civil servants, not participate in public management

2. The salary is medium, which is slightly better than that in other places

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