How about Zhengzhou mengdakang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd?

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Introduction: mengdakang, founded in 2009, is a manufacturer of traditional Chinese medicine decocting machine integrating R & D, production and sales. The company quotes advanced Korean decocting machine production technology. Establish a perfect quality management system and pass ISO9001 national quality system certification. Has developed a number of series of products. Now there are normal temperature and pressure series, micro pressure closed series, closed press series, single frying minitype machine series, multi pot series, traditional Chinese medicine extractor series and traditional Chinese medicine liquid packaging machine series. Meet the different needs and uses of different customers. Mengdakang products have participated in major traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, outpatients, chain pharmacies and traditional Chinese medicine stores in more than 30 provinces, cities and administrative regions across the country, and have won the bid in government procurement projects. This has greatly improved the popularity and credibility of mengdakang brand
legal representative: Wang Bo
date of establishment: August 8, 2014
registered capital: 500000 yuan
Industrial and commercial registration number:
enterprise type: limited liability company (invested or controlled by natural person)
Company Address: room H2, 31st floor, West building, Hongsen venture building, Zhengzhou high tech Zone

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