How are the packaged vegetables sold in supermarkets packaged?

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Is there any website on the device that can be found? How much , approximately?

they are packed in boxes and covered with fresh-keeping film. They are called high-quality vegetables. The price is several times more expensive
there are scattered ones. Let customers weigh them by themselves
you can take a look at the plastic boxes on Taobao. They should be very cheap

fresh film packaging and vacuum packaging, or directly packaged in high-quality packaging bags. Most things are packaged by packaging machines. Reference: the most complete information on vacuum packaging machines

you can wrap it with plastic wrap. I think others wrap it like that. In addition, if it is semi-finished food, it is usually plastic wrapped. The semi-finished food of Xiangcong kitchen has been vacuum packed

use fresh-keeping film, then spray, sprinkle water to keep fresh.

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