How does Evian distinguish between true and false?

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there are the following identification methods:

1. The color of the bottle mouth under the nozzle is different. The real goods are light yellow metal color, while the fake goods are white

2. Identify according to the barcode. The prefix code of skin care bar code is generally used to identify the production country or region. 00~13 begins with production in the United States or Canada. 30~37 is first produced in France. The 07 prefix on fake goods is made in the United States, and Evian spray is from France. The bottle cap of br>

3 and real Evian spray is light and fuzzy pink and purple, the bottle is frosted texture, and the fake is slightly transparent dark purple, the bottle is very smooth. Br>

4, the real Evian spray has a circle shaped side line in the center of the bottle bottom. The production date is a bit biased, and it crosses the sideline, while the fakes do not have the sideline, and the production date is in the middle. Br>

5, real Evian spray, the bottom of the bottle has a few marks at the bottom, one of which is E like the reverse, but the fake is counterfeited 3. br>

Evian’s method for distinguishing true from false:
1. The real bottle is labeled in Chinese without additional labeling
2. The real package is printed with “domestic dealer: Hong Kong Zhongjin Trading (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.” or “domestic importer: Danone Evian food marketing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.”.

the water I ordered online has just arrived. The packing this time is different from the previous one. I used to drink English. This time I sent it in Chinese. And the bottle is very soft. I’ve been searching the Internet for a long time, but I can’t find how to find the anti-counterfeiting mark. I called a friend from the Administration for Industry and commerce. He gave me a trick. The mobile phone downloads a code scanner. Scan the bar code on the bottle. If you can sweep it out, it’s true. Prices and everything can be displayed. If you can’t sweep it out, it will prove to be false. I just saw your question, so I asked you clearly and answered it. I hope I can help you.

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