How much is a set of cold and fresh meat equipment?

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I want to open a cold and fresh meat shop in the county. Either I join in (I raise pigs now) or I kill pigs and sell cold and fresh meat myself How much does this equipment cost?

if you have your own appearance, the price will be less, which is estimated to cost about 6000 yuan

first, you need to apply for certificates, which is estimated to be 700
Second, cold and fresh cabinets are necessary. It is recommended to buy direct cooling, not air-cooled, at 3300
Third, freezers are also indispensable. You can’t rely solely on cold and fresh cabinets, which cost 1700
finally, you need to buy some knives and trays, Clips, disposable sterile gloves and plastic bags, tooling, aprons, etc.

I wish you a prosperous business

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