How much is a sweet potato noodle machine?

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Hello, according to your question, first of all, you need to understand how much processing capacity you have? Want to buy automatic or semi-automatic noodle machine? We are from goodway potato industry. First, I’ll give you a detailed introduction to the following noodle machines. If you still don’t understand, you can call for consultation

I Extruded vermicelli machine (another name: multifunctional vermicelli machine) & nbsp& nbsp; Output: 100kg /h

1 Applicable population: ① small scale processing & nbsp; ② Incoming processing & nbsp; ③ General farmers as rich projects & nbsp; ④ Instant vermicelli

2 Main equipment: pulping machine (supporting use), extrusion powder machine and slitting machine

3. Features and advantages of the equipment: the principle of water boiling is adopted, and the quality of vermicelli is good; High efficiency and energy saving, intelligent control, easy operation; One machine with multiple functions and wide applicability; Few people, easy to operate; Wet starch can be produced; Small investment and high income

II Leaky scoop type vermicelli machine (another name: imitation manual vermicelli production line) & nbsp; Output: 200-300kg /h

it adopts the machining principle of imitating manual noodles. On the basis of traditional technology, it uses mechanical operation to replace manual, liberates labor force and improves production efficiency. The taste and quality of the product are the same as those of manual noodles

1. Applicable population: middle end market, with large market demand. (the output is too large for general small customers)

2 Main equipment: dough mixing machine, kneading machine, vacuum dough mixing machine, hammer and ladle machine, steam chain pot, conveyor cooling belt

3 Equipment features and advantages: & nbsp; Advanced production technology, beautiful installation effect and reasonable equipment matching. With few employees, low labor intensity and high degree of automation, it is produced in one-stop from thickening to vermicelli. It has the advantages of low energy consumption, power saving, low processing cost and large output. The multifunctional equipment can be applied to the production of starch vermicelli such as potato, sweet potato, banana taro, cassava, Pueraria, pea and the mixed production of potato starch with corn, wheat and other starch. Stable performance, easy operation and maintenance. The finished vermicelli vermicelli is glittering and translucent, resistant to boiling, foaming and non pasting soup, and the appearance of vermicelli is flat and smooth

III Coating and cutting vermicelli machine (aka: semi-automatic vermicelli machine) & nbsp; Output: 100-300kg /h

1 Applicable objects: ① supporting deep processing equipment of various starch processing plants & nbsp& nbsp; ② Rich projects of investors at different levels 2 Main uses: it is used to process flat noodles, vermicelli, powder skin and northeast big pull skin with beans, potatoes and other starches as raw materials. 3. Equipment features and advantages: high output, up to 100-300kg per hour (the amount of raw materials varies according to the amount of heat supply), which varies according to the equipment model. Low energy consumption: the power consumption is relatively small, and 0.55-1.1kw single-phase lighting electricity can be produced (depending on the equipment model). Vermicelli: the quality of vermicelli is not good, and the quality of vermicelli is not better than that of hand-made vermicelli, and the quality of vermicelli is not better than that of hand-made vermicelli; The defective rate is low, less than 1%. One machine with multiple functions; Low failure rate: the equipment has reasonable structure, stable operation and easy operation

IV Automatic vermicelli machine production line & nbsp& nbsp; Output: 2000-8000 kg /D (minimum output: 1000kg /D)

1 Applicable crowd: high-end fan market, abundant funds, used by large and medium-sized fan processing plants

2. Process flow

3 Equipment features and advantages: high degree of automation, low energy consumption and high output; One machine with multiple functions can produce and process a variety of raw materials, save costs and effectively increase user benefits; No additives, bleach, preservatives, etc. are used in the production of the whole line to ensure food safety; Less basic investment and higher cost performance

I hope the above reply can help you

the sweet potato noodle machine is generally divided into manual type and electric heating type. The electric heating noodle machine has a small tou Zi, easy operation and is suitable for novices.

the noodle machine has different process configurations and needs to be equipped according to the needs of users. If it is calculated according to the model or size, the manufacturer’s quotation is about several thousand yuan or more. Moreover, the material and output of the equipment also have a certain impact on the price

according to the model and size, the price of sweet potato noodle machine ranges from thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, including cheap one or two thousand yuan and large tens of thousands of yuan I hope the answer can help you

because the material, technology and output of sweet potato noodle machine will have a certain impact on its price
if you want to set up a large-scale factory, it is recommended that you choose the coated powder production equipment. This machine is suitable for a variety of potato starch raw materials, and the shape of the finished product can be adjusted freely. It can be said that it will not be out of date.

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