How to deal with some foreign testing standards of food packaging materials (especially relevant FDA standards) without clear calculation formula?

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For example, fda177 In 1630, there are only experimental methods and limitations, but no specific calculation formula is written. However, for the detection of chloroform soluble extract – n-heptane, some FDA standards will be divided by a coefficient correction value. Do you want it here?

we don’t know this very well, but I know that when we went to the FDA certification of PVC pellets we produced, we only provided specific requirements, and then the FDA tested according to our requirements. Finally, they tested according to their more stringent requirements. But they all passed

FDA certification is a golden key to open the U.S. market. Although the certification fee and later fee are expensive, the market prospect is relatively large

after our PVC pellets have passed the FDA certification, the annual export volume of only one region of the United States is about 600 tons. With Canada, it adds up to about 1000 tons. It’s still cost-effective.

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