How to distinguish whether aluminum foil or vacuum aluminized film is used in aluminum-plastic composite flexible packaging?

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for the best cast iron steel pipe, the oxidation of aluminum leakage is faster in three or five years. Especially when using copper Union, the copper and aluminum have acid oxidation. It is recommended to use iron union to connect with aluminum radiator. Copper and aluminum meet the requirements. I’m using it. I didn’t find the disadvantage is that it’s expensive

according to our experience in shuntianren packaging, we can mainly distinguish it by the following methods:
1. Viewing: because the brightness of aluminum foil is not as bright as that of aluminum plating, the reflectivity of aluminum foil is not as good as that of aluminum plating film. Aluminum plated bags can shine human shadow, except those with aluminum extinction film. The appearance of aluminum plating of extinction film is very similar to that of aluminum foil. The opening of the bag can be blocked and the inside of the bag can be seen through the strong light. The aluminum foil bag is opaque, and the aluminum plated bag is transparent
2. Feel: the feel of aluminum foil bag is thick and crisp, hard and heavy, and the feel of aluminum plated bag is lighter and softer than that of aluminum foil bag
3. Folding: aluminum foil bags are easy to fold into dead folds and dead marks. Aluminum plated bags will not fold into dead folds and dead marks, and will rebound soon
4. Twisting: the aluminum foil bag is not easy to rebound after twisting, and the aluminum layer will be broken. After the aluminum plated bag is twisted, the kink will pop up and spread quickly, and the aluminum layer will not have obvious cracks
5. Fire burning: the aluminum foil is not easy to burn with fire, and the aluminum layer will roll back. After burning, the aluminum foil packaging will leave gray aluminum slag. When the aluminized film is burned, different plastic films can burn, and there is no residue of aluminum slag.

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