How to keep fish fresh

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the main methods of preservation, transportation, processing and utilization of fish aquatic products include preservation, preservation, freezing, refrigeration, canned products, pickled products, surimi products, fish meal, fish oil and processing of industrial products. In general, fresh and live fish should be supplied to the market as far as possible to adapt to people’s consumption habits. However, in large farms far away from the market and inconvenient transportation, or some industrialized processing plants, in order to enrich the market supply and obtain greater profits, they compete to develop processed fish products, so there has been a popular freshwater fish processing industry in recent years. Conversely, the development of processing industry shows its power and role in promoting and stimulating the development of aquaculture
the widely used fresh-keeping technologies of aquatic products basically fall into two categories: cooling fresh-keeping and freezing fresh-keeping. New progress has been made in cooling and preservation based on the 1970s. The basic forms are as follows:
1. Radiation preservation: Yes γ Irradiation sterilization of food by X-ray or cobalt-60
2. Container preservation: it is mostly used for storage and transportation on board and on land. It can be divided into cold preservation and self-contained refrigeration packing
3. Fresh keeping of gas replacement packaging: it is a technology to fill carbon dioxide or oxygen into the packaging and replace oxygen to inhibit bacterial reproduction and prevent fat oxidation
4. Micro freezing preservation: it is a preservation technology for fish in the temperature range of – 2 to – 5 ℃, and the preservation period is about 20-27 days
5. Ice temperature preservation: it is a technology that uses different ice nodes of various foods to preserve food without freezing in the negative temperature range below 0 ℃ (the preservation period from 0 to – 1 ℃ is 7-10 days)
6. Freezing preservation: it is to freeze fish products below – 18 ℃ to inhibit bacterial growth and achieve long-term preservation.

foam incubator ice

first, vacuum preservation. Second, put it in the cold storage.

put it in the refrigerator

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