How to maintain the winding packaging machine?

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the following aspects should be done well in the use of winding packaging machine:
1 Keep lubrication between the inner and outer chains of the inner chain of the winding machine mold base, and add hj20-hj40 mechanical oil. When there is shaking when the film frame moves up and down, it can be eliminated by tensioning the chain. Other equipment such as packer and vacuum packer shall also be regularly maintained and lubricated
  2. When the rotary table slows down or slips, open the motor cover of the rotary table, loosen the four connecting bolts on the deceleration mounting plate, and then evenly adjust the two tensioning bolts clockwise to achieve the required tensioning force, and tighten the four connecting bolts. The chain tension shall be adjusted after the machine is used continuously for 10 ~ 15 days
  3. The lifting, chassis and membrane frame drive are variable speed through the worm gear governor. During use, please use it according to the following requirements:
1) the reducer with oil immersion lubrication is adopted. The oil immersion depth is the full tooth height of the worm if the worm is under or on the side of the worm gear; The above is 1 /3 of the outer diameter of the worm
2) synthetic worm oil 200# (kinematic viscosity 320 at 40oC) is recommended
3) if there is an oil mirror, it is 1 /2 of the oil mirror, and the center distance is a = 63mm. It is recommended to add 400ml
4) the oil needs to be replaced after about 10 days of operation, and then every 1 year
5) the ambient temperature shall be – 40 – + 40oC, and the lubricating oil with low freezing point shall be used when it is lower than 0oC
6) the gear reducer is lubricated with grease. There is no need to replace the grease during use, or replace it according to the actual situation
  4. When placing the package of goods, it shall be handled smoothly and gently as far as possible, so as not to deform the chassis or shorten the service life of parts
  5. The goods shall not exceed the design packaging height, otherwise the packaging effect will be affected
  6. The goods shall be placed within the range of the turntable. If the goods are too large, they shall be operated within 100mm or according to the actual space of the machine, otherwise the machine may be damaged
  7. Close the electrical cabinet, clean and check the electrical parts and electrical connections regularly to ensure the normal use of the equipment
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1 only technically trained personnel are allowed to operate and maintain the packaging machinery
2 the packaging machinery shall have instructions that can correctly guide personnel to operate
3 packaging machinery shall be inspected regularly to ensure that the function of the machine or equipment, all parts and safety protection measures are in normal working condition
4 as far as possible, the packaging machinery can be adjusted, lubricated and maintained without removing the safety protection device
5 parts that are difficult to be lubricated manually in packaging machinery or need to be lubricated in hazardous areas during operation shall be able to realize automatic lubrication
6 during the operation of packaging machinery, generally, it is not allowed to clean or clean the moving parts. If it must be carried out under working conditions, preventive measures to eliminate accidents must be taken. If appropriate auxiliary tools are used
7 when the packaging machinery needs to be adjusted, maintained and troubleshooting in the moving state, it is only allowed to move the packaging machinery manually or with the help of jogging button switch
8 if the button switch of the machine or equipment is outside the operating position of the operator during adjustment and maintenance, or several personnel work at the same time, a special person shall operate at the working position where work monitoring can be carried out and the machine or equipment can be shut down quickly. As long as the work is in progress, the person is not allowed to leave his position
9 when the packaging machinery is working, protective measures shall be taken for the eyes and face of the operator in case of possible injury to the eyes and face of the operator.

let’s start from the bottom of the turntable. There should be 6-8 nylon wheels under the site. This should be protected regularly. It is recommended that if the packaging volume is large, waste engine oil should be used for half a month, bearings and chains should be wiped, and dirty things should also be cleaned. Moreover, the chain of the lifting mold base can also be smeared with oil once every two months. If there is too much dust in the electrical cabinet, it should also be cleaned, because there are PLC, frequency converter, relay and other electrical parts in it. I used to sell winding packaging machines. I can also answer some technical questions. If you have any questions, please ask and help you as much as possible

read the manual and do a good job in daily maintenance

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