How to make automatic quantitative packaging scale?

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I intend to use the commonly used electronic scale or ordinary small scale to make a simple automatic scale by myself. The requirements are: set the scale to the weight of the weighed object, for example, I set 20kg, and stop the conveying when the material discharged by the conveying equipment reaches 20kg.

you should check whether the manufacturer of your electronic scale has an output interface. If so, use the signal amplifier to amplify and control the relay, and the relay controls the transmission contactor. The accuracy of mechanical scale will not be so accurate

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to be honest, it is difficult to change the automatic quantitative packaging scale with a small scale. The electronic display part of the original small scale is useless. What can be used is the weighing sensor, and then the mechanical structure needs to be modified, and then you need to be equipped with:
1. First, there should be a weighing controller, which is commonly known as the “computer” of the automatic quantitative packaging scale
2. Then you need to configure a set of high and low voltage input and output control circuit. The components you need include: switching power supply, relay and some switch buttons
input signals include: start signal, discharge signal, etc. the output is the conveyor you feed or something. If you have some electrician knowledge, you can also try. If you don’t want to toss, just buy a complete set of instrument box.

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