How to solve the problem of poor ash discharge of cement packaging machine?

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Eight mouths, some are OK. Filling swish.. But some mouths can only fill a bag after several circles. How to deal with the inspection?

cement packing machine is the core equipment of cement packing equipment, which is mainly used for filling and metering of cement. Some failures often occur in the use of cement packaging machine. In order to facilitate the daily maintenance of our customers, Ren’s company specially sorted out some on-site fault phenomena and troubleshooting methods. I hope it can be useful to you
if the cement packing machine has poor ash discharge, it can be checked and eliminated according to the following methods
first of all, the humidity of cement ash should be kept within a reasonable range. The equipment and process of some cement plants are relatively backward, resulting in high cement humidity, which is easy to cause the accumulation of cement ash, which will greatly affect the use of cement packaging machine
secondly, if the material characteristics and air pressure are normal, check according to the following steps
the first step is to check whether the air nozzle at the ash outlet and after the ash hopper are blocked. If there is any blockage, please clean or replace the air nozzle in time
the second step is to check whether the cement powder is damp, subject to the actual object. Whether there is mouth blockage. If so, please blow it open with an air pipe and wait for use
the third step is to check the wear degree of impeller, lining plate and side cover, and replace them in time according to the actual situation
Step 4: check whether the feeding motor operates normally
Step 5 check the V-belt, large and small pulleys for wear, and replace them in time in case of serious wear
Step 6 if the motor cannot be started normally, please check from front to back according to the electrical schematic diagram
after checking according to the above steps, the fault can be eliminated. If the ash is still not smooth, please check whether the material level in the rotating drum is within a reasonable range. In case of other circumstances, you can directly call Ren’s company at 0315-3188028
special note: for the use of vulnerable parts of cement packaging machine, please use the original accessories with guaranteed quality. Many customers buy substitutes of other brands or transform themselves in order to get cheap. As a result, the measurement accuracy of the equipment is reduced, the production capacity is reduced, and the consumption of vulnerable parts is doubled. Reasonable maintenance equipment and professional after-sales service of large factories are the guarantee to ensure the good operation of cement packaging equipment.

it should be that the ash outlet is blocked. You can stop the packing machine, and then find an iron bar to pass out the ash nozzle to see if it is blocked.. Also, if it is wind assisted, see if the air nozzle is blocked.

if it is driven by impeller, check the impeller and pulley. Is it badly worn. In that case, the material is difficult to drive, and the filling must be slow.

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