How to thoroughly sterilize cooked food after plastic vacuum packaging?

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boiling water and microwave oven can be used for sterilization

vacuum food should be sterilized. Generally, commercial sterility should be achieved, that is, the central temperature of food should reach 121 degrees and there should be 4-5 F0 values

There is no question of what is the most safe shelf life for commercial cooked meat products (P> 12 months)

microwave sterilization has certain requirements for product packaging and product thickness. High temperature resistant cooking bags should be used for production packaging, rather than aluminum foil. The working principle of ordinary microwave oven is the same as that of industrial microwave oven, but there are differences in function

for the shelf life, microwave sterilization must be higher than ordinary sterilization, but how long it takes to determine, which has a lot to do with the additives and formulas you add

. Microwave sterilization

microwave sterilization has been applied to the production of food industry, such as small packaging of mushroom in Japan, small packaging of cooked food, vegetables and beverages in the Netherlands and the United States, and convenience food in Hungary, which are circulated in the market after microwave sterilization. Preliminary research on food sterilization by microwave has also been carried out in China. After medium and high power sterilization of cooked food (temperature 85 ℃), the total number of colonies is less than 14 /Mg, and coliform group is not detected, which all comply with the national standard GB 4927-85 (the total number of colonies and coliform group are less than 50 and 3 /Mg respectively)

after microwave irradiation for 2 min, the killing rate of Aspergillus and Penicillium was 100% and 99.199%, respectively. At the same time, microwave has the advantages of short action time, fast heating and good sterilization effect

the remarkable effect of microwave sterilization can prolong the fresh-keeping period of food without adding preservatives

low temperature sterilization only needs 70-105 ℃

rapid sterilization, single 90-180s

good penetration, such as muscle and bone in cooked meat

good flavor, no loss of nutrients

no deformation form

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