Huawei mobile phone production process

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, the production process of mobile phones includes surface mount (SMT), single board function test (FT), assembly, whole machine test, packaging and other links. As the production process requires high precision, you must change into dust-proof and anti-static work clothes, shoes and hats before visiting. Looking forward from the entrance, the whole mobile phone assembly workshop can be described as “bright”. Another intuitive feeling is that there are few staff! “At first, a production line needed 86 workers. Now, due to continuous improvement, only 17 people are needed on a 120 meter production line.” Huawei reception experts told Huanhuan

on the shelf opposite the entrance of the production line, discs like film are neatly stacked. These are the materials for producing mobile phones. When PCB enters the production line, it will carve a QR code first. In this way, it has an “ID card”. In the process of flowing through the whole production line until it becomes a mobile phone, each part will be scanned with bar code, “the materials used by each mobile phone are provided by which upstream manufacturer, which can be traced.” Huawei reception experts said, “only through such rigorous processes and strict tests can we improve the quality control of mobile phones to a high standard.”

Huanhuan noted that in addition to a few equipment such as veneer printing, dispensing machine and manipulator, most of the equipment in Huawei’s production line has adopted independent brands

28.5 seconds, which is the time required to produce a well packaged mobile phone at the end of Huawei’s mobile phone production line. There are more than 30 such production lines in the southern factory, with a monthly production of about 2 million mobile phones. On the walls of the production workshop, the most striking is not the slogan, but the staff commendation list for the innovation and improvement of the production process. This detail can show that Huawei attaches importance to continuous improvement.

explore the exquisite craftsmanship and peak work of smart phones from design to mass production
we all use mobile phones. What production processes have a mobile phone gone through before it looks like what we see now? All kinds of parts are gathered from all over the world. After a series of assembly lines in Foxconn and other electronic EMS OEM factories, they are finally assembled into an intelligent device that can surf the Internet and talk on wechat
read carefully. The birth of a mobile phone requires the participation of a large number of engineers. If it is divided into six categories:
generally speaking, an industry expert not only has in-depth research and opinions on his field, but also has a broad understanding of the industry. So is the processing of mobile phone shell! What steps does a mobile phone need from design to mass production? Generally speaking, mobile phone design companies have six basic departments: ID, MD, HW, SW, PM, sourcing and QA. Let’s take a brief look from these six departments:

list of the latest smartphone industry chain

I. ID (instry design) industrial design
the industrial design (ID) of mobile phones includes the appearance, feel, material and color matching of mobile phones. The visible and touchable places on mobile phones belong to the category of ID design, such as metal or plastic frame, Whether the back is curved or straight, which colors to match, etc

the primary consideration of industrial design (ID) is visual effect. Its quality directly affects whether a mobile phone is beautiful and classic. After the product was approved, industrial designers began to make all kinds of wild ideas, and even brainstorm repeatedly. It is not impossible to redraw hundreds of sketches. Because some works are too advanced, they can only be kept in the designers’ computers after all. After the final scheme is finalized, if you want to realize it, you have to rely on the structural designer.

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