I want to assemble an ultrasonic cleaning machine myself. What should I do, what preparations should I make and what things to buy? Thank you

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I suggest you give up this idea. Now the profit of ultrasonic cleaning machine is not high, and it can’t be much cheaper for you to install it yourself. Your supplier can’t give you any good price, and you can’t guarantee the quality. Now many cottage factories can’t do well, and you haven’t cottaged it yet.

it depends on how big the machine you want. There’s no value in making small machines yourself. Now it’s cheaper to buy and the quality is more guaranteed. If the industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine is made by itself, you should first buy a steel plate to make a sink, and then buy a ready-made ultrasonic generator, which can be debugged with a transducer of the same frequency.

What high-power ultrasound do you want to assemble and what is the cleaning frequency? What is the size of the cleaning tank? It’s a little troublesome to assemble by yourself. You can buy the finished ultrasonic generator. After the size is determined, go to the stainless steel processing, cut the plate there, bend it, and then use argon arc welding (good sealing, no water leakage). Stick the side of the vibrating head. Finally, do sand blasting, clean the bonding surface, and stick the vibrating head with epoxy resin glue. After curing, the positive and negative poles are connected, Two outgoing lines are connected to the generator and powered on for commissioning.

if you do it yourself, you can get a thick plate with a long service life
you mainly do it yourself as a cleaning tank
buy a ready-made generator
buy your own transducer
you also have to weld studs

it is suggested to give up this idea. Now the price of ultrasonic cleaning machine is very transparent. You can buy a household machine as long as two or three hundred. It is suggested to go online and choose a large manufacturer, which will ensure more after-sales service

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