I want to buy a vacuum machine to eliminate bubbles in viscous liquid. Please give me some advice

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pumping speed: 6L /min, which can be converted into about 1.2l/min per minute under standard conditions under the marked maximum vacuum state
maximum negative pressure: 0.08mpa, which is about equal to the absolute pressure of 0.02MPa, which is 1 /5 of the absolute pressure under standard conditions and 0.8kg lower than atmospheric pressure
negative pressure regulation: 0-0.08 refers to that the absolute pressure formed by pumping can be adjusted between 1kg and 0.2kg
our atmospheric pressure is 1kg absolute pressure
I hope you already know. But to be honest, the index of this pump is not very good.

the vacuum pump can be equipped with a vacuum box with mixing function. Come to Haobao factory to choose

I work as a vacuum machine. I haven’t met you yet

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