[industry exchange] non woven bags, ice bags, what are the good effects of foreign exhibitions?

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Non woven bags, ice bags, what foreign exhibitions have a good effect?

such products can participate in foreign gift exhibitions. The American gift exhibition is very good in August and the Japanese gift exhibition is very good in September (ASD Las Vegas) time: August 4-7, 2013 (Autumn) March 17-march 20, 2013 (spring) location: hosted by the Las Vegas International Exhibition Center: Nielsen Business Media Exhibition overview: the exhibition is the largest in the United States, It is also the world’s most famous department store consumer goods exhibition. Since 1961, ASD has enabled buyers and sellers to jointly create the most dynamic B2B commodity market in the industry. There are four series of exhibitions in the United States every year. Among them, the consumer goods and gifts Expo held in Las Vegas in February and August is the largest and most influential tour. Each session has more than 8000 booths and receives 70000 buyers from more than 30 countries around the world. The exhibition was held at the Las Vegas International Convention and Exhibition Center, with exhibitors mainly from the United States and other countries in the world. The products on display mainly include: daily consumer goods, home decorations, gifts, gifts, clothing, beauty products, jewelry, hardware tools and military products. Located in the central hall and in the middle of the other two pavilions, namely North Hall and South Hall, the Asia zone is a high-level business activity of pure international trade nature, which is specially tailored for Asian exporters to conduct direct procurement transactions and cooperation negotiations with bulk buyers in the United States. The conference brings together well-known enterprises, manufacturers and trading companies in gift, handicraft, fashion accessories, watches and jewelry, toys, home decorations, household products, leisure products and other industries exported from Asia, especially China. Lead Asian exporters to rush out of Asia, enter the United States and expand overseas business markets. Scope of exhibits: Gifts: Christmas gifts, table gifts, ceramics, handicrafts, gift packaging, promotional gifts and other household goods: household decorations, glassware, daily consumer goods, photo frames, tableware, kitchenware, table decorations, lamps, clocks, bags, small furniture, wood products, plastic products, special art products and other clothing: leisure sports clothing Children’s clothing, swimsuit, belt, wallet, tie, shoes and hats, etc. Electronic products: electronic gifts, small household appliances, CD players, tape recorders, electronic toys, batteries, small refrigerators, etc.

American Las Vegas autumn international consumer goods and gifts exhibition ASD August 04-07 Las Vegas Sao Paulo international household goods and gifts Expo August 17-20 Brazil Sao Paulo Russian household appliances and household goods Expo September 17-september 20 Mosco Turkey autumn international household goods Gifts and home appliances exhibition September 19-22 Istanbul, Turkey Birmingham consumer goods Expo September UK Birmingham Italy machev international trade exhibition September Italy Milan Japan Tokyo International (Autumn) Gift show September 4-6 Tokyo Dubai Autumn International Trade Fair December 16-18 UAE Dubai Frankfurt spring consumer goods exhibition February 7-11, 2014 Frankfurt, Germany

I suggest the landlord to attend the 2013 Dubai International Hotel supplies exhibition or the 2013 Saudi Arabia international home and interior decoration exhibition

home exhibitions are more suitable. Please refer to my post on FUBU.

I suggest the landlord to go to the non-woven fabric exhibition, and I suggest to go to the Indian non-woven fabric exhibition 2013 Indian international industrial textiles and nonwovens India. The exhibition time is October 3-5, 2013. The exhibition venue is Messe Frankfurt, the organizer of Mumbai Exhibition Center, India. The holding cycle is once every two years. Product range: ● raw materials and accessories: polymers, chemical fibers Special fibers, adhesives, foaming materials, coatings, additives, color masterbatch; ● nonwoven production equipment: nonwoven equipment and production line, weaving equipment, finishing equipment, deep processing equipment, auxiliary equipment and instruments; ● nonwovens and deep-processing products: Agricultural, construction, protection, medical and health, transportation, household and other supplies, filter materials, wiping cloth, nonwovens coil and related equipment, fiber raw materials, composite materials, bonding technology, chemicals, testing instruments, etc; ● non woven fabric and deep processing technology, equipment and instruments: non woven fabric equipment such as dry papermaking, sewing and thermal bonding, production line, women’s sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult diapers, masks, surgical clothes, forming masks and other deep processing equipment, process layers, laminations, etc; ● electrostatic application (electret), electrostatic flocking, molding, packaging and other machinery, fiber carding and netting, chemical bonding, needling, spunbonded, melt blown, etc;

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