Introduction to international logistics standardization

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international logistics standardization is under study and formulation, but the standardization of many facilities and equipment related to logistics has long been released, and special professional committees are responsible for formulating new international standards. Among them, ISO has generally agreed on the important module size of logistics standardization, and has formulated a preliminary plan. The basic module size of several people is as follows:
1) basic module size of Logistics: 600mm × 400mm2) logistics module size (module size of container Foundation): 1200mm × It is mainly 1000 mm, and 1200 mm is also allowed × 800mm and 1100 mm × 1100 mm 3) the matching relationship between the module size of logistics foundation and the module size of container foundation is shown in Figure 1-1
at present, China has not fully carried out the standardization of all links from the perspective of logistics system, nor has it studied the coordination of logistics system, but the relevant departments of China have established close contact with the international organization for Standardization ISO, and defined the centralized unit of China’s logistics standards according to the relevant organizations of ISO, as shown in Table 1-1. Table 1-1 list of participants of International Logistics Standardization Technical Committee No. name of Secretariat China’s centralized technical unit ISO TC7 shipbuilding Netherlands National Shipbuilding Technical Committee Secretariat ISO tc22 road vehicles French Ministry of machinery Changchun Automobile Research Institute ISO TC51 pallet British Ministry of Railways Standards Institute ISO tc63 glass packaging container Czechoslovakia Light Industry Glass Research Institute ISO TC96 crane Australia Lifting and Transportation Machinery Research Institute of the Italian Ministry of Machinery ISO TC100 chains and sprockets Standards Institute of the British Ministry of Machinery ISO TC101 continuous handling equipment lifting and Transportation Machinery Research Institute of the French Ministry of Machinery ISO TC104 containers Secretariat of the National Technical Committee for container Standardization ISO TC110 industrial vehicles lifting and Transportation Machinery Research Institute of the French Ministry of Machinery ISO TC122 packaging Canada China Export Commodity Packaging Research Institute I At the same time, China has formulated some subsystem standards, among which automobiles, forklifts and cranes have all been standardized. National standards have also been formulated for packaging module, packaging size and intermodal flat pallet. With reference to international standards, national standards for marking methods of transportation packaging parts have also been formulated. Among them, according to the external dimension series of intermodal flat tray, two dimensions are preferred, each of which is TP2 — 800mm × 1200㎜,TP3–1000㎜ × 1200㎜; A size of tp1-800mm can also be selected × 1000㎜。 The basic dimensions of tray height are 100mm and 70mm

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