Is it better to use inkjet printer or printer for vacuum packed rice

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inkjet printer is better. Now it is generally inkjet equipment, which is simple and easy to repair and maintain. Please refer to.

no doubt, inkjet printer
convenient, clear, high adhesion, quantitative production, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and increase the added value of products
you pack rice. Using the inkjet printer will not damage the product surface. The font is generous and beautiful. You can also change the font shape and size as needed. It has powerful functions. Applicable to all walks of life, metal, wood, carton, building materials, aluminum foil, etc.
you can choose various types and colors of inks to meet the requirements of customers to the greatest extent
you can also spray print barcode, QR code and supervision code to prevent counterfeiting of goods and protect the brand
now large-scale manufacturers choose inkjet printer as the inkjet printing of product date, shift and shift number.

I think it’s also good to spray code, but I still choose the printer to contact the user name information

it’s better to use the inkjet printer, because it won’t damage the vacuum packaging

the inkjet printer is good, fast, high-grade, non fading and low cost

of course, the inkjet printer is good, simple to operate and fast. Improve production efficiency. Shanghai Yinma logo has many code spraying cases in the food industry. You can go to their official website or call them for consultation. Baidu can search his home information

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