Is self packaged food prepackaged or bulk

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I’m in the packaging industry. Generally, I suggest you see the pricing of your products! If the product is not expensive, it will be in bulk. If it is expensive, it will appear high-grade. It is best to find a manufacturer to customize some simple packing boxes for you

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 [too happy] Dear, bulk food and prepackaged food are different. They are two kinds of products. Prepackaged food refers to food that is pre quantitatively packaged or made in packaging materials and containers. Bulk food refers to the food sold by weighing, priced according to the basic unit of measurement and sold directly to consumers

 in daily life, we can see that the pre packaged food includes Baijiu, milk powder, boxed yogurt, bags of rice, etc., and a series of information perfect products such as intact package, label, production date and validity period. pre>
 bulk food mainly includes all kinds of cooked food, noodles and flour products, quick-frozen food, etc

 it's easy to distinguish between the two. I'm glad to answer your questions. I hope my answer can help you. [heart] 

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