Is the investment of food packaging factory large

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the investment of food packaging factory is large

a small food processing factory invests about 2 million funds to apply for business licenses, food business licenses, etc

food packaging factory is a special packaging factory. Because it involves food safety issues, it has special requirements for packaging materials and packaging and printing materials. If such a factory can be set up, the profit should be good. If it can be applied to enter such a factory, it should also be a better choice

to handle the food processing plant, you need to set up a company first, not an individual, and then go to the industrial and commercial department for the company name pre-approval, then go to the quality supervision department for the code assignment of the organization code certificate, and then go to the Quality Supervision Bureau for the production license, i.e. QS certificate

then apply for the business license and organization code certificate, and then apply for the food circulation license in the industrial and commercial department. Finally, you need to apply for the production license, which involves the inspection of the production plant, dressing room, washing room, laboratory, warehouse, inspection equipment, production equipment, etc

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