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they stole oil once! They colluded with those who bought oil and brought in 10 barrels of oil. They should have shipped out another 10 barrels of empty oil. As a result, they were full of oil. In this way, they colluded and painted huge profits together. One day, the boss was arrested, all of them gave up and took away several people in the company. I think it’s not just these people, but they were not caught. As long as no one sued and there was no evidence, There are still many people like this!

I feel that Shenzhen Rexam is more chaotic. Alas, I didn’t expect that the management of such a large foreign company is so poor. If I really want to break the news, I will annoy the boss of Rexam. No one will believe that Rexam’s management is so poor, but it is a fact. Unfortunately, such a promising large factory has been ruined by a group of managers who don’t understand management. They don’t know how to care about employees. They only care about themselves and their relatives. They don’t focus on the operation and management of the company, but try their best to turn the company’s property into their own property by any means. They pity those front-line operators and technicians, If this continues, I firmly believe that it is closer to the day of its bankruptcy. I’m just forced by my conscience to stand up and tell the truth. I hope the boss of Rexam will wake up. If you don’t understand from the bottom house investigation, you will never get the most real situation of the company. Finally, I would like to add that there are many people fooling around in the company. I want to say a word for them. The problem is not them. The problem lies in the managers. To put it bluntly, the managers have low quality. Working in this company is not based on ability, not whether you do things well or not, but relationship. One more thing is that you can flatter, Everything else is floating clouds. Who will work seriously under such management.

this kind of thing is common, just get used to it!!!

it’s no secret as long as everyone inside knows it!

top one! We are his equipment supplier!

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