Maintenance of automatic decocting and packaging machine (1 1)

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In the heat sealing part of the decocting machine, when it is warm, the packaging bag will stick to the runner of the heat mixing machine, and the bag will be broken. What’s wrong with this situation?

1 Clean the hot wheel with steel ball. The plastic left on the hot wheel will become viscous when heated, which will affect the packaging
2. Adjust the set screws on the side of the heat wheel. Please pay attention to distinguish the upper heat sum (two sides of the sealing bag) and the lower heat sum (upper and lower screws of the sealing bag)
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if your temperature setting is too high, tighten the gap adjusting nut, lower the temperature down a few degrees, try several times more, and master the degree, it will be all right, isn’t it? It’s a big problem, it’s all right!

the temperature of the heat sealing part is too high.

the temperature of the upper shaft should be too high. First clean up the plastic dirt on the runner with a small sandpaper
then, as long as the upper shaft temperature is not adjusted too high in the process of future use! As long as the bag mouth and edge can be sealed without water leakage, this situation will not occur! Then we should pay attention to maintenance and clean it often!

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