Mobile phone design and production process!

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the tested mobile phone should be produced with the same machine as the listed mobile phone. Tell you about the production process of ordinary mobile phones. The mobile phone starts from the main board, and four main boards are connected together. A machine is about 10 meters long, 1 meter wide and 1.5 meters high. The parts enter from the side. The parts are rolled up on paper in a row. After they come out, cut them off, install the keyboard display camera D shell, test and input the software, Because I’m not in the machine tool production department, intelligence simply says this, and then flows to the packaging department. The packaging department tests according to different countries. If the memory card needs to be installed, install the memory card first. A mobile phone is measured for more than 120 seconds, but it cannot be turned on by accident. After the measurement, a label appears, which is the body label pasted on the back of the mobile phone, and then the front shell is installed,

all the mobile phones used for testing are produced and debugged in a closed laboratory, which is a perfect use environment for mobile phones. As for the process, my younger brother has little talent and learning, involving professional knowledge, which is beyond my ability to understand and understand. Please accept it if you are satisfied. Thank you.

as far as I know, I don’t know much about the motherboard, but many accessories are outsourced. I know that Panasonic electronics in Qingdao has helped Nokia produce a lot of parts, including the rod in the middle of the flip and batteries. The shell is not made by yourself. It was several years ago. It should be more powerful now,

of course, it is produced first, then loaded into the system, and then tested the performance of the mobile phone with high-tech instruments, just like a computer

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