Packaging principle of powder automatic packaging machine

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Description: – DXD-50F computer automatic packaging machine, which is suitable for automatic packaging of powder materials in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, chemical products, such as milk powder, soybean powder, mask powder, health care tea, flour, etc. Br>

automatically complete all tasks such as measurement, bag making, filling, sealing, batch number printing, cutting and counting; Automatically complete the packaging of powder materials

technical features:

1 The single chip microcomputer /PLC is used to centrally control the functional state of the machine, and a man-machine dialogue interface is set

2. The intelligent temperature controller controls the temperature of horizontal and vertical seals in two ways

3. Intelligent photoelectric positioning, arbitrary conversion between bright and dark movement, strong anti-interference, and shutdown alarm when three consecutive bags of cursor are abnormal

4. Stepless adjustment of packaging speed within the rated range. Stop by positioning the opening

5. High bag making precision. Convenient operation and maintenance

6. The volume method is adopted for measurement. For the packaged materials with uniform density, the measurement is accurate and in line with the national measurement standards

technical parameters:

bag length range: 20 ~ 120 mm
bag width range: 20 ~ 85 mm
packaging speed: 40 ~ 60 bags /min (depending on materials and specifications)
measurement range: 1 ~ 100 ml
suitable packaging materials: Polypropylene /polyethylene, polyester /aluminum foil /polyethylene, polyester /aluminum plating /polyethylene Nylon /polyethylene, etc.
metering method: screw type
bag making method: three side seal
Power: 1.2kW /AC 380V /220V /50Hz
overall dimension: 600mm long × Width 700mm × Height 1700mm
weight: 185kg

optional device:

thermal printer, three side seal converted into four side seal, exhaust device, easy to tear knife device. Sawtooth shape cutter, continuous point line cutter
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metering principle of powder packaging machine:
first, the mainstream metering method is screw filling metering, which is also volume metering in essence. For a simple example, if the screw rotates one circle, the next gram of material is 100g. And so on
Second, the weighing metering method. Here, the screw mainly plays the role of blanking. The two screws, one large and one small, play the role of coarse feeding and fine feeding respectively. The main purpose is to ensure the blanking speed for the coarse feeding of the large screw and the blanking accuracy for the fine feeding of the small screw. For a simple example, take the packaging of 10kg powder materials as an example, the large screw is unloaded to the target value of the load cell of about 9.5kg, the feeding is stopped, and the small screw is finely added to 10kg
principle of bag making and sealing of powder packaging machine:
it is mainly divided into soft packaging and bottled,
first, there are two methods of bag making and sealing of soft packaging: 1. The vertical bag making method is divided into three side sealing, back sealing and four side sealing. This structure has the advantages of low price and simple operation. 2. For belt packaging, this kind of bag is made into prefabricated bag. The sealing unit of this kind of packaging machine has slightly higher price and large packaging range. It is more suitable for packaging
Second, it is mainly the filling and sealing of bottles and cans. This kind of assembly line packaging machine is most typical in tinned milk powder filling line and chicken powder filling line. This market is relatively less than the first few. Maintenance is also more complicated
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