Picture, price and evaluation of small noodle machine

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noodle products not only have a wide audience, but also are loved by many friends with the advantage of easy cooking. However, one defect is that the early processing and processing are relatively cumbersome, and there are many troubles for friends who intend to eat hand rolled noodles. So what we are introducing today is the small noodle machines suitable for family use. Their quotation examples and evaluation contents are valuable information for reference, which is also of great value to consumers or users

I. picture and price of small noodle machine

1. Supplier: Renxian Fuyang Huifa Machinery Factory

price of noodle press of small noodle machine manufacturer fresh noodle hanging noodle machine Zhenglong specializes in the production of noodle machine

¥ 2000.00/set

minimum order: ≥ 1 set



> small noodle cutting machine Beautiful appearance and easy disassembly

the outer package of Jiuyang household noodle machine adopts white background color, with real machine pictures on it and orange patterns around it. There are some parameters on the side, with pictures and texts. You can know a little about its function before unpacking

the jys-n7 shell of Jiuyang noodle machine is made of ABS plastic. The shape of the whole machine is simple. The wheat spike pattern and product logo are printed on the white body, implying that the products of its original series are healthier

there is an operation panel directly above the fuselage. Touch the button and the indicator light will light up. The lid is engraved with food grade PC material mark, and the side is a water injection port, which is used to add water or liquid materials

the internal structure of the noodle machine can be seen at the transparent part of the side of the fuselage. It is very simple, just a rotating shaft. But this simple rotating shaft is also the essence of this noodle machine. The outer end of the rotating shaft is the die head, which can press noodles of different thicknesses

the package is equipped with six kinds of molds – coarse flour, fine flour, longxumian, wide flour, narrow flour and hollow flour. You can cook various types of pasta. Even if you can’t cook at all, you can choose the appropriate molds according to the recipe to make strong pasta

2. The internal structure is simple and removable

the interior of Jiuyang noodle machine is composed of mixing cup body, mixing cup cover, mixer, feed barrel, screw and die head cover. The overall structure is not complex and the disassembly is very convenient, which is convenient for the cleaning of each part

press the switch to open the mixing cover. When the noodle machine is working, open the cover and the noodle machine will stop working immediately, eliminating potential safety hazards. Internal mixing rod

3. Easy operation in one step

let’s try it and see how this noodle machine makes noodles. This noodle machine belongs to the fool type. Just get the flour ready and give the rest to the machine

the above Xiaobian screening lists the price and evaluation examples of small noodle machine products. For the numerous products on the market, as consumers, they are easy to suffer losses because they do not have purchase experience. Correspondingly, The information involved today is the introduction of the knowledge section, which hopes to avoid similar troubles as much as possible. We know that the price of small noodle machine will be related to the brand model and the actual budget requirements of consumers. In addition, analysis and screening in combination with the actual situation is also a key content, Therefore, we need to consider many problems while learning the above knowledge

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