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commentary plays an important role in TV feature films. It is an important part in the creation of feature films. It is based on the picture content and written according to the development of the picture content. The commentary is not a simple repetition of the picture, but a supplement and improvement to the picture. In TV feature films, people usually summarize its various factors into three languages: picture language, sound effect language and text language. Whether the collocation of these three languages is reasonable or not directly affects the quality of the whole film. In the feature film, the picture language provides the audience with a visual image, which directly acts on people’s visual system, and the commentary acts on people’s auditory system through the reading of dubbing personnel. The combination of audio-visual will produce a new feeling, which far exceeds the role of the separation of picture and commentary. They promote, complement and depend on each other
the writing of commentary is also based on the overall idea in the creation of TV feature films. When writing, the editor and director must combine many factors such as picture language, music, simultaneous sound and sound for comprehensive analysis and judgment, and coordinate many factors in an organic unity, so as to better express the theme and give the audience more information. At the same time, they should also pay attention to making up for the content that the picture cannot express, Pave the way for the next paragraph. (transitional sentences connecting the preceding and the following)
strengthen the expressiveness of language and characters, be good at discovering the organic components of the picture, and take the most moving and meaningful details as the basis for word selection and sentence making. The commentary should have rich imagination, have a counterpoint relationship with the space and time of the picture, create the artistic conception of the blending of words and paintings according to the logical relationship between the picture and text language in the image, contrast each other, produce resonance, and sublimate the meaning of the picture again
in TV feature films, the continuous impact of two languages leads to a new language, which is TV language. He is neither pure picture nor pure language. It is a new spark from the impact of the two. Therefore, in the creation of commentary, it can neither be created separately from the picture, nor form its own system without the overall idea. It must participate in the whole film and is an integral part of TV feature films
the creation of TV feature films is a complex and arduous process. He not only requires creators to have high quality and experience, but also have a close spirit of cooperation. The feature film is the embodiment of comprehensive art. Any problem in any part will affect the artistic quality of the whole film. Therefore, improving the comprehensive quality of creators is the basis for making TV feature films
Hubei Xianwei Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is a pioneer organization in the production of feature films in Hubei, with rich experience and strong production team
Company Profile
Hubei Xianwei Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is located in 2008 New Yangtze River Plaza, Wuchang District, Wuhan. It is adjacent to Optics Valley Science and Technology Park in the East, Wuchang railway station in the south, yingwuzhou in the Yellow Crane Tower in the west, neisha lake and Dadong Lake in the north. It sits on the Han River of the Yangtze River and has a panoramic view of the three towns
with the courage of “daring to be the first in the world” and the perseverance of striving for strength, the company has created its own world on the hot land of vigorous development in Hubei. Since its establishment, they have clearly realized that social progress comes from the power of thought: taking thought as the starting point, thought as the driving force, and thought as the source of our continuous development
at the beginning of its establishment, the company has established an international business operation mode. Combined with its own advantages, it has accumulated a lot of practical experience in corporate culture packaging, corporate marketing planning, media column production, large-scale event operation and other businesses. Over the past three years, the company has led China’s high-quality agricultural products to “challenge Guinness”, led the province’s “smiling ambassador” to shine the “eight Arts Festival”, staged a crab culture event on the Bank of Liangzi Lake, and provided suggestions for the development of the “Hankou North” market… In the process of continuous growth, with Nokia, Shenzhen batian Dunhuang seed industry and other large enterprises have established friendly business contacts and maintained good cooperative relations with local government organs and institutions such as the Department of agriculture and the forestry bureau. In the continuous development and innovation, they pay close attention to the pulse of the times, keep up with the pace of development, and gradually form a complete enterprise service system including enterprise CIS design, TV media and graphic planning
recently, the company joined Wuhan animation industry alliance and participated in the first general meeting, aiming to jointly develop Wuhan animation industry with the animation industry alliance
organizational setup
the company is developing towards collectivization. The administrative organization mainly consists of the board of directors, the board of supervisors and the vocational Committee
at present, the company has five departments:
policy research department, acquisition and editing department, project department, editing and broadcasting department and general affairs department
Company philosophy: “foresight cherishes worries and happiness, and the way of being a person raises talents”
we have insight into the market with foresight. In the raging tide of business, we do not follow the tide. In the process of reform and opening up, We are destined to be the trendsetters who stand on the cusp of the storm and lead the times
we believe that the way of people is self-cultivation and self-discipline. Among the industry elites with a large number of talents, we are not the people who stick to the rules. In the change of ideological explosion, we are destined to become the leaders who stand tall and powerful
Company business profile:
media publicity – planning, production and production of promotional films and feature films
film and television columns – editor and director of “three rural Hubei” and “Hubei Economic Report”
activity planning – Planning and implementation of venue activities, TV activities, conference arrangements and other large-scale activities
cultural packaging – marketing planning, product culture injection, enterprise CIS design Visual design and corporate cultural image building
marketing planning
Hubei Xianwei believes that good marketing is ideological marketing, and complete marketing planning is strategic and tactical marketing planning. In the communication and practice with customers and enterprises, the company has established its own marketing planning brand. While helping many enterprises create success, we are also constantly innovating ideas and becoming a person in front of the times
product culture injection
corporate culture is the embodiment of each enterprise’s core value, and the direct embodiment of corporate culture is product culture. We have accumulated rich experience in long-term practice, extracted product culture, created product added value, and established a good market image for the enterprise
Case: Tangchi hot spring culture injection part display
as the name suggests, “dust removal” is to wash away the mortal dust, return to nature, reach a leisurely state of birth, and taste the immortal like artistic conception, namely “fairyland”. Tangchi hot spring,
as a place to provide people with a comfortable feeling of self heating, achieves the highest level of “dust removal” for tourists. This case will take “seeking immortality” as the open line and “dust removal” as the dark line. At the same time, the open line and dark line meet at appropriate places to highlight the theme and sublimate the connotation
this case will combine the legend of Yunv in Tangchi with the historical event that Li Bai searched for the trace of Yunv and wrote a poem to create the image of a fairyland among people for Tangchi. At the same time, it will re-examine the modern Tangchi after a thousand years with the first person approach and the vision of “I”, a tourist who followed Li Bai’s footsteps to find immortals, And have a new understanding of Tangchi fairyland. At the end of this film, the concept of “dust removal” will be introduced from the fairyland, which will also be a new cultural publicity concept designed for Tangchi
origin: chanting immortal Fu and looking back at the secluded place for nine times
wandering: looking for fairies, the Jade Maiden spring comes out, and people are jealous
birth: smelling immortal traces, good scenery, good spring and Penglai
Nian Quan: getting a fairyland, gently stimulating beautiful water and getting rid of dust
Enterprise CI design
the applicable CIS system is the magic weapon for enterprises to win and the best way to shape enterprise image and build enterprise brand in the market economy. Our excellent CI planning team will tailor a set of market strategy for your enterprise in the four aspects of concept, marketing, management and visual recognition
visual design
show the most perfect side of the enterprise in the market and engrave the most beautiful moment of the enterprise on paper. The vivid and aesthetic image design will add infinite brand added value to your enterprise, and the full graphic creativity can add infinite charm to your brand

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