Responsibilities of Packaging Engineer

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Responsibilities of manufacturing Packaging Engineer

the main responsibilities of the packaging engineer are as follows:

guide the enterprise’s sales and project management, design, develop and test the retail packaging structure, customer standards and project plan of various electronic consumer goods. Specifically develop the structure of various materials for packaging, including paperboard, corrugated materials, thermoforming, plastic film bags, etc

2. Do structural design and cost-benefit evaluation, taking into account material selection, global procurement, manufacturing capacity, processing costs, utilization of containers, pallets, etc. Master new packaging technologies, new materials and new methods, provide creative and novel design solutions, and improve the existing design schemes by using the latest materials, processes and structures

3. Design and development of new schemes. The new design requires testing to ensure adaptation to the retail environment of Supply Chain procedures. Develop, manage and maintain new scheme documents

4. Deep understanding of all kinds of packaging materials, including paperboard, rubber board, tile board, plastic packaging

5. Be familiar with the general knowledge of plane printing products, relevant equipment and materials (ink, paint, etc.), environmental protection general knowledge, laws and regulations, and packaging materials used in relevant activities

6. Make product packaging specifications, audit the product performance and process of suppliers of various packaging materials, and evaluate the grade regularly

it mainly depends on which aspect of packaging engineering you are responsible for. A comprehensive packaging engineer is a compound talent, taking into account the work contents of packaging structure design, packaging decoration design, packaging material performance evaluation, packaging test, packaging management, etc., but the packaging engineers of general enterprises are aimed at one or more specific aspects, For example, the packaging engineer of the computer agent factory can only be responsible for the packaging structure design and packaging test. As for the decoration design, the customer will provide the specific responsibilities of the packaging engineer. I suggest you take a look at the blog of Randy, a senior packaging engineer. Because it involves copyright issues, I only provide website links, so I won’t reprint it directly
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