Simple distinction between aluminized film and composite aluminum foil film

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aluminized film: the appearance is relatively bright without printing. Aluminum foil composite film: it can be printed to package products


aluminized film, such as pet aluminized film. It is a layer of PET film at the bottom, and a layer of aluminum is evaporated on the PET film. The thickness of the aluminized layer is generally 300 ~ 500 Amy, that is, 0.03 ~ 0.05 nm

composite aluminum foil film, as shown in the figure below, is made of PET film, composite aluminum foil and then composite PE film. The composite here must be bonded with glue, because these films cannot be hot pressed

see the video tutorial for details: packaging YiDianTong 059 plating video from: Youku

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the aluminum layer of aluminized film is very thin, which is about 1 /200 of the thickness of aluminum foil in composite aluminum foil film
the composite aluminum foil film can separate the aluminum foil layer by means of organic solvent immersion, heating or fire baking. The aluminum plated film cannot separate the aluminum foil layer.

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