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Hello, landlord
I also considered your idea and started my own entrepreneurial project. Later, I lost pass
after relevant analysis,
let me share my previous relevant analysis with you! Please correct me. (everyone wants to start a business and get rich together)

1 first of all, I considered operating turtle in aquatic products (I’m in Northeast China)
however, people on my side know that turtle is a tonic food, but most of them are sold in supermarkets, and the price is now more than 80 yuan a kilogram, (the price of turtle in artificial cultivation is lower in one year) however, after people here buy turtle, most people don’t kill it, so I began to consider this,
rent an aquatic stall in the vegetable market to sell turtle specially. (it’s the kind with a price of more than 20 yuan and a catty, and I have my own purchase channel)
in terms of price positioning, I think it’s better to buy goods within one kilogram, and then sell them according to how much each one costs, not according to the kilogram, such as 39 yuan a piece, or other prices)
then I can kill them on the spot. Most consumers are unwilling to kill themselves after buying. In addition, some people don’t know how to deal with turtle, so I need to help do a good job in sales
have a full sense of service
the above is feasible, and I don’t do it locally! Most of them are sold in supermarkets

2 but as for what you said, I don’t think it’s feasible to sell the turtle in vacuum after half processing after slaughtering
you have forgotten one of the most important points! Is the meat characteristics of soft shelled turtle
soft shelled turtle should eat fresh! When the turtle is not fresh, the meat is easy to change, resulting in changes in the nutrition inside, which is harmful to people’s health. Therefore, you can find this by searching the relevant food information of the turtle. For this point alone, it may not be easy to sell
the quality of soft shelled turtle meat after quick freezing is not that good
if the method of quick freezing and vacuum is not adopted, the opportunity cost of transportation will be greater if your products want to be sold to further places in summer! Or there is a problem of shelf life

I am also considering various entrepreneurial projects and information
I hope I can have a good communication with you! Everybody think! Communicate more
if you can! Please send a message to Baidu and let’s talk
thank you! support! If there is any mistake, please correct it! Criticism!

main problems in the turtle market according to the survey, the biggest problem exposed in the turtle market is that the supply of low-grade turtle has exceeded the demand, but the high-grade turtle is seriously out of stock. With the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for high-grade soft shelled turtle is gradually booming. At the same time, in order to earn foreign exchange through export, we must produce high-quality soft shelled turtle that can meet the export standards. The vast majority of farmers are unwilling to increase the cost investment and improve the breeding level and breeding technology, so they are unable to produce high-grade and high-quality turtle
China’s turtle market has entered a rational stage of supply-demand balance. Judging from the price trend in the first half of the year, there is still some room for turtle prices to rise in the second half of the year, but the possibility of sharp rise and fall is very high. With the arrival of winter, people’s demand for tonics will also increase, and the demand for turtle in the second half of the year may turn prosperous. New Year’s day and Spring Festival next year will provide a good opportunity for turtle sales

according to the above analysis, there is still a market for soft shelled turtle. The key is to see the quality and taste of your semi processed soft shelled turtle, and you must make real efforts on the ingredients of the medicinal diet formula you indicated. It’s best to write down the names of those drugs on the package, so as to give consumers more credibility. In addition, we should seize the opportunity in the second half of the year, Winter tonic, so the market prospect is still very promising. I wish you success~

there is a market
there are few people raising turtles?

is this enough to consider online marketing? Because uncertain investment projects should be invested with the lowest risk. First try to explore the market on Taobao. If you can consider opening a physical store, because there are still a lot of people on the Internet, you can open a store first

in terms of the market, let’s first remind the landlord of two problems:
1. It needs to apply for the food production license, which has requirements on the site, equipment, technicians and management. Don’t even think about it without 50W (as far as I know, hundreds of thousands of necessary sterilization equipment alone and hundreds of thousands of a clean operation area)
2. Many condiments (traditional Chinese Medicine) are not food additives. Filing is particularly troublesome (Wang Laoji is so embarrassed by a Prunella vulgaris incident. If a small enterprise encounters such a problem, it will die quietly)

the landlord can get a food vendor production license and only distribute it to some local hotels

let’s look at this problem from the perspective of marketing:

in fact, there are more finished or semi-finished food products. For example, we usually sell cooked food in supermarkets and semi-finished meat for restaurants. Medicated diet is only a selling point of cooked food.

hi! Jiaxu2699

similar. Others vacuum pack the finished meat ~

but you have to think about how practical your project is

1. After all, what you do is fresh food. How do you control the transportation time of products? As long as it’s not fresh, it’s over

2. You can use air transportation, but the transportation cost increases a lot. How can customers get affordable prices
the answer is – — hard to say

3 Practically speaking, if I really want to eat turtle, I think I’d rather go to the nearest restaurant and buy a live turtle stew. What do you think

4. Consumer groups, I don’t know what your sales method is? Network? Young people can surf the Internet, but they can’t cook. Mom level people cook dishes, but they can’t surf the Internet. Do you think they will buy turtle online? Obviously, too few

5. How to control safety and hygiene? In case of eating problems, you are responsible

6. If you want to do a small project, you might as well omit the turtle, provide medicated diet formula, and make reasonable and feasible cooking methods for customers. I think this is more credible

I hope you like it!

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