Standard of logistics module

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the logistics module is 1200mm recognized by the ISO Central Secretariat and European countries × 1000mm rectangle is the smallest container size. The outer package size of goods is a division series of logistics module size. This dimension is derived from the “division” of the size of trucks and containers on the premise that it can meet the multiple of the basic module size of logistics. Logistics module size can be regarded as the smallest unit suitable for mechanical operation in logistics system. The size of the conveying space of the logistics conveying equipment and the cargo carrying area of the group equipment should be a series of multiples of the logistics module size. The size of the shelves in the warehouse and the operating parts of the loading and unloading equipment should also match the logistics module size. The plane size of most logistics pallets is the logistics module size. Now, as the transition of logistics standardization process, 1200mm is also allowed × 800mm and 1100mm × Non standard tray size of 1100mm and other specifications. At present, China has not launched the national logistics module standard, nor has it announced the adoption of the logistics module standard
logistics module is the standard scale of the dimensions of various factors in the logistics system expressed in numerical relationship for the rationalization and standardization of logistics. Logistics refers to the whole process of planning, implementation and management of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and related information from the place of origin to the place of consumption of goods through transportation, storage and distribution at the lowest cost in order to meet the needs of customers

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