The vacuum packaging machine always displays initialization. How to solve it?

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food is the most important thing for the people. Food packaging accounts for 70% of the whole packaging industry. Vacuum packaging is widely used in a variety of cooked products, such as chicken legs, ham, sausage, grilled fish slices, beef jerky, etc; Pickled products, such as all kinds of pickles, bean products, preserved fruits and other foods that need preservation, are more and more vacuum packaged. The food with vacuum packaging has a long preservation period, which greatly prolongs the shelf life of food

vacuum packaging machines are used more and more. The failure of vacuum packaging machines has also become a headache for various manufacturers in the process of use, especially some vacuum packaging machine manufacturers with poor after-sales and poor service, which will directly affect the production. So, how can we solve the fault of vacuum packaging machine? Let’s give you a rest analysis:

first, to avoid the failure of vacuum packaging machine, we must first keep the worktable clean. I remember a customer who was careless and didn’t clean up some oil stains or small things on the table in time, which led to the frequency of replacing the vacuum pump oil and sometimes even shorten the service life of the vacuum pump. Therefore, since he bought the vacuum packaging machine, he should take care of it a little. In fact, it’s a little effort to keep the table clean, In this way, the performance of the vacuum packaging machine will be more stable, which can also increase your work efficiency

Second, avoid the failure of vacuum packaging machine. The second is to pay attention to the oil level and oil quality of vacuum pump. The vacuum pump should be a very important part of the vacuum packaging machine, so its quality directly affects the operation of the vacuum packaging machine. However, the vacuum pump is generally not prone to problems. We should always pay attention to that there is an oil window on the side of the vacuum pump, in which we can see the amount of oil in the vacuum pump and whether there are stains in the oil, so what we should pay attention to is, If the oil in the oil window of the vacuum pump is less than two-thirds, add the vacuum pump oil. If the oil in the oil window contains a lot of residue, we need to replace the vacuum pump oil. This is also the basic maintenance and attention of the vacuum pump

Third, to avoid the failure of vacuum packaging machine, we should also pay attention to the operation of vacuum packaging machine. The work of vacuum packaging machine includes two parts: one is to vacuum and the other is to seal the vacuum bag. Generally, when we operate, we often adjust the vacuum pumping time. What I’m talking about here is that if we use a small bag, we don’t need to use a long vacuum pumping time. You can look at the pointer of the vacuum meter. If we are still pumping at the bottom of the left, it’s usually too long, so try to be appropriate, This can improve your production efficiency, and the sealing time mainly depends on the thickness of your bag. It mainly depends on the actual situation. You can do a little test before mass production to fix the time. Generally, we suggest debugging in about 2 seconds, and the delay time is generally 2 seconds. In this way, you can work after debugging

the above points are aimed at how to avoid the failure of the vacuum packaging machine when using the vacuum packaging machine. This can not only avoid the failure of the vacuum packaging machine, but also increase the service life of the vacuum packaging machine. Well, I’ll share it here today. Let’s talk about it another day.

the vacuum packaging machine always displays initialization. How to solve it? Three common faults of small vacuum packaging machine

three common faults of small vacuum packaging machine

we all know that single chamber vacuum packaging machine is a relatively small vacuum packaging machine equipment among vacuum packaging machines. The single chamber vacuum packaging machine produced by Qingdao MEG ranges from 400 to 800, which is mainly determined by the requirements of packaging size, In addition to the replacement of vulnerable parts, ordinary vacuum packaging machines rarely have fault problems, but we always have fault problems in different conditions when using vacuum packaging machines. The following is a brief introduction to the common fault problems of single chamber vacuum packaging machines:

1. What to do when the vacuum of vacuum packaging machines is not vacuumized or the vacuum degree is not high

1) check whether the vacuum pump is reversed and whether the rotation direction of the vacuum pump is consistent with the arrow clicked on the vacuum pump, and then it must be adjusted correctly

2) when using the newly purchased single chamber vacuum packaging machine, the plane between the upper cover and the lower cover of the vacuum chamber may not be gentle enough. We should use a little force when covering the vacuum chamber to make the upper cover of the vacuum chamber coincide with the panel

3) if the travel switch is not in place, adjust the position of the limit piece of the travel switch

4) the time relay is out of control and should be replaced

5) if the vent valve is not closed tightly and leaks, check the vent solenoid valve and valve core (rubber). Whether there is wear, contamination or spool center deviation

6) check whether all parts of the phase pipeline are leaking or loose

2. Poor heat sealing quality

1) check whether the mouth of the packaging bag is clean and avoid contamination at the seal

2) check whether the nickel chromium belt works normally and whether there is short circuit and open circuit

3) whether the heat sealing temperature and time are properly selected

4) check whether the air bag under hot pressing leaks

5) the heat sealing solenoid valve does not work normally

3. After vacuumizing, do not deflate, and the vacuum chamber cannot be opened

1) the time relay is out of control, and the contact is poor or damaged

2) no power supply, check the power circuit

3) check whether the bleeder solenoid valve works normally

the following figure is a batch diagram of McGonagall’s popular small vacuum packaging machines:

the above is McGonagall’s small editor. It introduces three common faults of single chamber vacuum packaging machines. Generally speaking, there are few faults of vacuum packaging machines, which are generally the damage of vulnerable parts and need to be replaced. Moreover, the vacuum packaging machines produced by Qingdao McGonagall are made of 304 stainless steel, If customers need more quality assurance, we can contact them

what is the function of horizontal external pumping vacuum packaging machine
the machine has four functions that can be changed arbitrarily: 1. Direct sealing, 2. Vacuum sealing, 3. Inflatable sealing, 4. Vacuum first, and then inflatable sealing. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, labor-saving, fast, low price and easy maintenance. It can be used for the packaging of air extraction and inflatable articles in food, medicine, local products, electrical appliances, department stores and other industries.

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