Ultrasonic cleaning machine

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ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly composed of ultrasonic signal generator, transducer and cleaning tank. The ultrasonic signal generator generates a high-frequency oscillation signal, which is converted into tens of thousands of high-frequency mechanical oscillations per second through the transducer, forms an ultrasonic wave in the cleaning fluid (medium), and radiates forward in a dense and alternating manner in the cleaning fluid in the form of high-frequency alternation of positive pressure and negative pressure, so that countless tiny bubbles are continuously generated and broken in the cleaning fluid, This phenomenon is called “cavitation effect”. When the bubble breaks, it can form an instantaneous high pressure of more than 1000 atmospheres, produce a series of explosions, release huge energy, and form a huge impact on the surrounding, so as to continuously impact the workpiece surface and make the dirt in the working surface and gap peel off rapidly, so as to achieve the purpose of workpiece surface purification
ultrasonic frequency: the lower the frequency, the better the cavitation. The higher the frequency, the better the catadioptric effect. Low frequency should be used for simple surfaces, and high frequency should be used for complex surfaces and deep hole blind holes. (20kHz /28kHz /40KHz /80kHz /0.8mhz)
cleaning temperature: ultrasonic time and space is the best at 40 ℃ ~ 50 ℃. The higher the temperature, the more conducive to the decomposition of dirt, but when the temperature reaches 70 ℃ ~ 80 ℃, it will affect the function of ultrasonic and reduce the cleaning effect
cleaning time: the longer the cleaning time, the better the effect, except for special materials
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